Where Asian Women can meet Western Men

Are you an Asian woman looking for a western man? How about a western man looking for an exotic woman? Then you have come to the right place...


There are dozens of dating sites! How is this one different? Well, this one does not charge for entry, it does not charge for sending messages, it does not charge for receiving messages. In fact...it does not charge at all. Now think to all the dating sites you have seen before this...how many can make this statement?

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Why Asian?

The Asian Pacific rim is just now becoming a significant force in digital communication. More and more people are getting online and wandering around. Of that, a large portion are women looking for male companionship. They are looking to travel, to experience new things, people and places and a western man is an optimal way to make that connection. I don't make the conditions. I'm just telling you what they are and why this site exists.

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Access is free. Simply fill out the membership form and create a profile. That is under the Members Section on the bar above

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Too Early

As the site has just come back from the dead I'll give it some time before I start looking for user testimonials. If you find something you like please notify me so I can put it here..